Thursday, June 9, 2011

Organizing My Sewing Area

 Today I set out to organize my 'sewing' corner, which i have not used since I moved almost 8 months ago. Thus it has accumulated quite an array of random items. After clearing out  the clutter (and sweeping the floor), the space is now usable. I also added a lamp since it was slightly too dark for actual sewing in that corner.


Since my space is now usable, I began once again working on a project that I actually started way back in grade 10 (about 5 yrs ago). In grade 10, in my Fashion Studies class, to practice sewing straight lines we worked on making 'chenille' squares from 4 layers of flannel. These were made by sewing straight diagonal lines across the squares about half inch apart, then afterwards proceeding to cut the top 3 layers. 

I only got about 4 done today, but it took me a while to get back into using my sewing machine. Threads kept getting caught in the bobbin, and I had crappy thread on the bobbin. Once I got over my frustration I used a new bobbin, and figured pushing harder on the foot pedal worked better as well. I hope to work on this again next Thursday, so I will keep you posted.

Thnx, for reading ~Becca =D

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