Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Baking & Decorating Sugar Cookies

I'm already getting behind on this, shame on me. LoL

On MONDAY, my friend came over and we baked, and decorated sugar cookies. It was fun of course, especially since I haven't made sugar cookies since December.

Fully Baked Cookies

We also cut out our own shapes

We used all sorts of random cookies cutters, and also cut out some of our own shapes with butter knifes. After cutting a few, I realized dipping the knife in flour worked better to make the edges smoother.

Putting dough on the pan

Icing colours all mixed up
Icing, sprinkles, cookies; all ready to go

We spent around four hours making these cookies. Most of the time was decorating, but thats what happens when you make every cookie unique.

Cookies I Decorated
Cookies Alice Decorated

We also ended up with a little bit of extra icing, so we ended up -of course- eating some of it. We also 'practiced' are icing writing- on our fingers, and on the table. And I managed to get food colouring all over my fingers, hence why my fingers are blue, and red, and green..

Icing on a glass table, great idea eh? I made sure to clean it off before it dried completely, otherwise it wouldn't have been fun to get off. The table (and the floor) were also covered in sprinkles. Im sure the next time i sweep the floor, I'll find sprinkles.

Well till next time, Thanks for reading!

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