Sunday, June 12, 2011

Beginnings of a Wrapper Purse

I dont remember how I first heard of Candy Wrapper purses, but they sell them over at I decided to look up how to make one myself, since it would be a lot cheaper, just take lots more time. I found some decent instructions after much searching over at

Its taken me a while to collect a good amount of wrappers, but I now look at food packaging in a different way. I chose mostly foil wrappers for my project, but some more plastic type ones seemed to work as well, as long as they were not too thick. I have quite the collection of (clean) chip bags, fruit snack wrappers, granola bar wrappers, even bags from frozen berries and fries.

1/2 my collection of wrappers

my template (2x4.5 inches), and a few linked together pieces

Wrappers cut to size, and ready for folding.

Thats about as far as I've gotten so far. But thanks for reading, and i shall update you again on this later.

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