Saturday, June 11, 2011

Butterfly, flower, grass and sky Nail Art

 I did this nail design on Friday. I was stumped for an idea, so I phoned my 8yr old sister, asked her what I should paint on my nails. She told me i should do a violet butterfly(violet, not purple lol), flying through the grass, with a red flower. So this is what I got from her idea:
Left Hand (The butterfly is more purple than that)

Right Hand (Slightly blurry, but you can see the shine)

Base coat-Essie Grow Faster
Light green: Santee-Vikini Green
Dark Green: Icing-Envy
Dark Purple: Rimmel 60 Seconds-Night Before
Lighter purple: Sally Hansen HD-Cyber
Red: Rimmel 60 Seconds-Red Carpet
Top Coat: Nicole by OPI

Thnx for Reading

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