Monday, June 13, 2011

Chipped Nail Polish & Tiger Stripes

On Sunday I decided to redo the polish on my toe nails. I had nail art stickers on the big toes, and I had a very hard time getting them off. In fact their is still a little bit of one left on my nail. After I painted over it I came up with the idea that I could have filed it off, but oh well, next time.

I bought some new nail polishes from Superstore, 3 bottles of Joe brand. The one in the middle caught my eye, it actually looks quite purple in the bottle, but really it is more blue(indigo I guess). Since I bought new polishes I decided to use all 3 of the colours in a nail design.

White, Ink, Jet

I went with the 'Ink' as a base coat, then used 'White' for a tip. The black I used was Kiss Nail Art Black.

The stripes didn't quite end up like I was wanting them to. So after looking at some pics of tiger stripe nails, I decided to practice on my finger nails since they were insanely chipped anyways.

I like the look of these stripes better, I made them too fat on my toe nails.

Well, till next time-
Thanks for Reading!

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