Thursday, July 21, 2011

Some Favourite Pictures from Red Deer & Calgary

Near the end of July I took 5 days off, and went with my family to Red Deer and Calgary. We visited my Gramma and Aunty and also went to Westerner Days and to the Calgary Zoo. These are some of my favourite photos I took from the trip. (Click to enlarge photos)

Fire at Rotary park
Roasting hotdogs/marshmallows

Cross the bridge, and down the path

Looking out

Horse & Buggy (my fav pic from the parade)

The Table is Set

Swirls in the back of a seat

Embossed Bone Chart

Collared Peccary

Cuddling Spider Monkeys (I believe thats what kind they are)

On looking Cotton-Top Tamaran 

Graceful Stork

Pastel Flowers

Monarch Butterfly Meal


So 15/300 some photos isn't too bad. I usually have a hard time picking my favourite ones.

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